Banks are Prime Candidates for Aggregation

We, at eHyve, have been testing our pilot market – The Swiss Banking Retail sector – and we would like to share our findings with you.

Open banking and data aggregation should not be seen as a threat to financial institutions, as there are huge opportunities on the horizon. By setting a common purpose to bring value to customers, a business can help them understand their financial health and improve it.

Established financial institutions (i.e. retail banks, insurance companies, financial planners, etc.) are positioned the best to harness this opportunity.

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A startup life at F10

It has been a while since our last post, and for good reasons. We have been quite busy at the F10 Incubator & Accelerator. Today, after already 6 weeks in the program, and 3 intensive weeks of masterclasses, I decided to get back to the blog and write a little bit about this amazing experience.

To start with, I’ll hopefully answer the questions I’m getting almost every day now: What is exactly an “incubator” and what are we doing in Zürich?

Our first day at F10

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